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About birthday candles

Birthday beeswax candles

The birthday party is unimaginable without the cake and the candles that have become a tradition, which we blow with a wish. Birthday candles are a beautiful and sentimental tradition not only for little ones but also for adults. Are you looking for exclusive, natural and pleasantly scented birthday candles? One of the most popular choices is beeswax, natural, handmade birthday candles to decorate your cake, and a variety of other desserts. 

Many colorful and festive birthday candles found in usual stores are made using paraffin and other harmful substances. Such candles are not environmentally friendly, nor suitable for food contact. Beeswax candles are made from 100% natural beeswax, without paraffin or other harmful substances. Therefore, they are perfect for both adult and children's parties. When burning, these candles emit the natural smell of honey and pollen, clean the air and do not cause allergies, so you will be able to enjoy these candles on the cake for a longer time, as well as use them again. Candles on the cake or other desserts can be pinned without any holders.

Why beeswax candles for your party?

• Cake candles give pleasant, natural aroma.
• Made from 100% natural ingredients, without any impurities, making it safe to use for children's and adult’s holidays.
• Suitable for food contact.
• Choose from a variety of different sizes and shapes to make it a perfect for your birthday cake.
• Convenient for a variety of cakes, pies and other desserts.
• Burns with a pleasant and calm flame.
• Compared to other candles, beeswax cake candles burn longer, dripping less or not at all, but leaked wax is not harmful.
• Wide selection of sizes and colors.
• Natural beeswax candles have no expiration date.