Danilovo.lt offers a wide range of the highest quality natural beeswax candles, sets, incense and other accessories in one place. For more than 5 years, we have been offering our customers handmade, natural and the highest quality products to create the coziness of home. Beeswax candles with a pleasant aroma, incense for harmony and purity, scented resin and many other accessories you will find in our online e-shop. All the goods you can find and order conveniently online. We ensure smooth and fast delivery in all Lithuania.

Our values ​​are to ensure the highest quality and naturalness of the products, so that the peace and coziness of every customer's home is flooded. We listen to the wishes of our clients and are grateful for every feedback. We appreciate your trust and evaluation, which inspire us to do our best and make efforts to be your partner No1.   

We provide the opportunity to purchase candles, incense and other goods of unique design, shape and quality to create coziness and harmony in your home. Every product we sell is carefully selected and tested. All beeswax candles and incense are made from 100 % of natural substances, without any fragrances, dyes or other harmful substances. Cozy candlelight or incense and enchanting incense gives purity and spirituality. Cozy and calm candlelight warms the environment and harmonizes. The natural scent of incense enchants, cleans the body and mind.


Danilovo.lt is proud to offer its customers a wide range of goods to create a cozy home. You can conveniently order the following products offered in our range:

Thin beeswax candles – subtle and graceful design, natural and high-quality handmade thin candles are perfect for home, work, holidays or any other space or occasion. You can put thin candles in candlesticks or another safe place to burn them. The wide range of sizes and colors of the design will allow these candles to fit into the interior of any environment. Brightly colored red, pink, turquoise candles are perfect for holidays or as an exclusive bright detail in the home environment. Thin candles of dark colors will give an aesthetic, calm and enchanting atmosphere. Choose from a wide range of lengths and candle diameters. Thin beeswax candles can burn for up to 4 hours.

Thicker beeswax candles - as well as thin ones, are 100% natural and emit a pleasant, cozy aroma. Thicker beeswax candles look extremely impressive, they are thicker, so they burn longer and emit a pleasant and calm flame. Thicker beeswax candles fit comfortably in the candlesticks, with very little or no leakage when burning. They can be used at home, during holidays, as well as in churches or other places. Thicker candles can be burned more than once, they can also be selected from a wide range of colors, as well as length and diameter.

Candle sets - create an amazing emotion with multicolored candle sets. Here you will find candle sets with different colors of natural beeswax candles. These kits can be used both at home to enjoy the relaxing candlelight and during various holidays. Candle sets can also be a great gift for a loved one. The sets are divided into quantities and different colors, so you can choose them according to your needs.

Candles in boxes - are you looking for a luxurious and exclusive gift for a loved one? Then candles packed in beautiful and luxurious boxes will be perfect for you. Candles in boxes are a great gift for a loved one that will decorate and give comfort to the home. The candles in the boxes are carefully and neatly packaged so you won’t have to worry about repackaging them. You can choose different colors of candles in the box, as well as quantity. You can also choose a set of candles, with a beautiful candlestick packed together.

Candlesticks - in order to enjoy the pleasant light of a candle, which provides coziness and peace, it is important to place them safely and firmly in a suitable place. Special candle holders are usually used together with candles, which ensure that the candle is installed safely, does not fall off, does not catch fire and does not damage the surface. Candlesticks ensure the safe use of candles as well as become an exclusive accent in the interior. A wide range of candlesticks will allow you to choose them according to size, color and shapes. Here you will find exclusive designs, graceful onyx candles made of a mystical amuletic mineral that encourages determination and will to act, focus on the important things and not stray from the goal. Onyx is also called the stone of independence, helping people who are prone to succumb to the influence of others. We also offer natural candlesticks made of ceramics in various shapes and designs.

Waxes - the highest quality, natural beeswax sheets. Flexible so you can make natural candles and other handicrafts from them in the desired size and shape. In the assortment you will find a wide selection of waxes in terms of size and colors, so you will be able to make a wide variety of handicrafts from them and adapt them to the interior of the environment. You will make candles from waxes not only for yourself, but also as gifts for your loved ones. Waxes emit a pleasant honey scent, and the candles made from them flood the house with a pleasant, soothing and relaxing aroma that does not contain any harmful substances and is good for the body.

Incense and its accessories - incense is considered a symbol of holiness and mysticism in many cultures. The incense ritual has a positive effect on the human body and mind, helps to relax, overcome or reduce the pain. In this category you will find a wide range of incense and its accessories for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. You will be able to choose from a wide range of incense as well as various sets. The incense in the range, as well as the incense burners of exclusive design, which give an exclusive accent to the interior, are made only of the highest quality, natural and environmentally friendly materials.

Ladan is an aromatic, fragrant resin that is otherwise known as frankincense. It is a high-quality, natural resin that is widely used in the production of incense, perfumery and aromatherapy perfumes. This resin is especially popular for use in the home environment, where it creates a mesmerizing aroma, special aura and coziness. Choose from a wide selection of Ladan - according to shape, size and color. Ladan is also widely used as a therapeutic agent, has an anti-inflammatory effect, suppresses allergic reactions, improves mood, is considered as a natural antidepressant. Ladan is also widely used in Christian churches, in the liturgy of Muslims and Jews. Ladan is convenient and safe to use in a home environment using a candlestick or incense burner.

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Home candles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. You can choose candles according to the interior of the home or other places where candles will be burned. You can choose from both classic yellow wax and bright colors that will be a standout in the home environment. For celebrations and dinners, long beeswax candles are often chosen, which you can conveniently place in the available candlestick. You can choose both thin and long beeswax candles, they will give your table luxury, create a style full of classic and aesthetics. Long candles will also not interfere with nearby objects or food. Table candles are usually chosen in larger quantities, and combinations are made of both monochrome and several different candle colors. You can choose from a wide range of candle colors to create a dynamic, bright and exclusive composition.

You will find 9 different sizes of candles in out e-shop. Each size is denoted by the letter N and a number. The shorter and thinner the candle, the higher the number next to the letter N. As the number decreases, the candle lengthens. For example, the smallest and thinnest candles are N140, their length is 16 cm, diameter 5 mm, burning time 30 min. The largest candles N10, their length 35.5 cm, diameter 1.1 cm, burning time 3.5 hours.


Beeswax candles are one of the most popular choices in our assortment. It is possible to enjoy the coziness, peace and pleasant atmosphere of the house by choosing completely natural and no threat, and by no means, beeswax candles that benefit a person. Home candles made of beeswax are one of the most natural and cleanest choices compared to other candles.

 Beeswax candles do not contain additional fragrances, only natural substances, so when burning, these candles smell pleasantly with honey, meadows and flowers, spread a pleasant warmth, create a cozy atmosphere, harmonize, relax, cleanse the space and thoughts. Burns longer than paraffinic or decorative candles, does not drip. Beeswax candles burn over a long period of time (the wax begins to melt at 63 degrees Celsius). Even the most expensive paraffin or vegetable wax candles burn 40-80% faster than beeswax products. Burning beeswax candles cleans the air, they also eliminate allergens, absorb unpleasant odors, and the burning flame is much warmer and cozier than paraffin candles.

Beeswax candles are not only natural, but also non-toxic, do not cause allergies, are environmentally friendly, do not increase the risk of cancer, clean the air and are suitable for use as a preventive measure against asthma, allergies and hay fever.

Beeswax candles not only help to create a cozy home atmosphere in the house, but also protect health, as they promote the formation of negative ions. In nature, negative ions are produced through electrical discharges caused by lightning, moving water (seas, waterfalls, rivers), winds in forests. They clean the air of pollutants (dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and toxins).

In our e-shop danilovo.lt you will find almost everything you may need to create coziness and harmony in your home. Top quality beeswax candles online, candlesticks, incense, incense burners and many other accessories that you can buy without leaving home. We sell only products with quality and naturalness, which you can use at home, at work, in the homestead, or in any other place where you will create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Here you will find a wide range not only for yourself, but also luxurious and cozy gifts for a loved one.

You can buy all the goods online at your convenience. The items will be packed safely and delivered in Lithuania and Europe for the reasonable price (for details look in “Delivery”).