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About candlesticks

Natural, high-quality candles help to create a cozy, pleasant and harmonious atmosphere. To use candles safe and comfortable lets put them in candlesticks, which will become an accent in the interior of the home. In the e-shop you will find a wide range of candlesticks of exclusive design, which will fit your favorite candles and will become an exclusive accent of your space.

Candlesticks allow you to feel surrounded by a pleasant and cozy candlelight at home or anywhere else. The candle placed in the candlestick ensures safety, fills the house with cozy warmth and light, and decorates the interior with exclusive details. Here you will find candlesticks that you can apply both in the living room and in the bedroom, study, or any other place where you want to enjoy the peace and coziness created by candles. You will find candlesticks for long and shorter candles in our store. A wide range will allow you to choose candlesticks according to your taste and the interior of the environment. We invite you to review our candlesticks, which will change any space with a pleasant coziness.

How to choose candlestick?

You will find a very wide selection of candlesticks according to their material, type and design in our range. When choosing a candlestick, it is worth paying attention to the size of the most commonly used candles, as well as the style, which is also important to match them to the interior of your home or other place. It is also worth considering whether you will use candlesticks every day, or maybe only during the holidays, to decorate the table, to match it with dishes or other decorations. Candlesticks are designed for inserting one candle or a set of candles, for example, from 3 candles. In the assortment you will find candlesticks of exclusive design made of onyx and ceramic, candlesticks of various shapes in which you can safely place candles of various sizes.

Candlesticks can also often be chosen as a gift to surprise a loved one or colleague. In such cases, it is worth considering what style and colors another person likes. To make a full set, you can also add natural beeswax candles to the candlestick, which you can choose from a wide range of sizes and colors. Let’s create a cozy and warm gift that will definitely delight someone space.

Exclusive onyx candlesticks

In our wide range you will also find candlesticks of exclusive design and properties made of onyx. It is an amuletic mineral that promotes the determination and will to act, to focus on the important things and not to stray from the goal. Onyx is considered a stone of protection, a stone of strength that helps to accumulate vital energy, helps to know the truth, to gather, to build self-confidence, to fight for one's beliefs and to concentrate on the important things. Black onyx is the most common, but variegated onyx is very popular in manufacture of candlesticks, because it gives an original and unique accent to the interior of the environment. Candlesticks made of onyx protect the home from negative energy, thoughts, strengthen confidence, it is a symbol of success and achievement, a stone of stability that gives joy and helps to get rid of bad thoughts. Together with candlelight, onyx awakens enthusiasm, strengthens the power of wisdom, determination, endurance, promotes logical thinking, strengthens positive human senses, and invites success to life.

Every candlestick made of onyx stone has its own, unpredictable pattern, which makes each candlestick different and unique. Because of that, you can decorate your home with an absolutely unique product and be sure not to see identical in any other houseor space. That is why the pattern and colors of the candlestick you received may differ from those shown in the photos.

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