Natural beeswax candles

Natural beeswax candles - to create coziness of your home. Our candles are made from all-natural, organic beeswax, which is considered to be the oldest known type of candle wax. Natural wax candles have are well known for their features such as pleasant aroma of honey and flowers, healing of body and soul. That is why in many houses they are found not only as a decoration. 

It is a wonderful and indifferent smell, even burning without smoke, creates a cozy and magical atmosphere in the home space, harmonizes, relaxes and gives a pleasant feeling. It is often mentioned that the fire of a beeswax candle is sacred, honorable, purifies not only the air but also the mind. Beeswax candles are easy to use, they are easy to light, burn easily and calmly. You can enjoy the peace and pleasant smell they create every day.

Features of beeswax candles:
• Made only from natural beeswax.
• Wax candles absorb unpleasant odors when burning.
• They do not emit harmful substances during combustion, so they are completely safe and good for health.
• No additional fragrances are used in their production.
• Does not cause allergic reactions.
• Natural candles made of wax burn longer and do not emit smoke.
• Does not reduce the level of oxygen like other candles. They clean the air and fill the environment with a fresh and pleasant aroma.
• The flame of a natural candle is warmer and cozier compared to other candles.
• Wax candles are more elastic and durable than paraffin type candles.

How to choose the most suitable beeswax candle?

You will find a wide selection of top quality, natural beeswax candles in the range. You can choose thinner and thicker types of candles. Find a wide selection of wax candle colors here, so you can easily adapt them to your home interior. Candles also vary in length and diameter, and the burning time of a candle depends on it. Natural beeswax candles can burn continuously for 3-4 hours.

What does the letter N and the number mean in the name of the candle, e.g. N140?

Candles are available in different sizes. Each size is denoted by the letter N and a number. The shorter and thinner the candle, the higher the number next to the letter N. As the number decreases, the candle lengthens. For example, the smallest and thinnest candle is N140, its length is 16 cm, diameter 5 mm, burning time 30 min. The largest candle N10, with length 35.5 cm, diameter 1.1 cm, burning time 3.5 hours.

Birthday candles - why beeswax candles?

The birthday party is unimaginable without the cake and the candles that have become a tradition, which we blow with a wish. Birthday candles are a beautiful and sentimental tradition not only for little ones but also for adults. Are you looking for exclusive, natural and pleasantly scented birthday candles? One of the most popular choices is beeswax, natural, handmade birthday candles to decorate your cake, and a variety of other desserts. 

Many colorful and festive birthday candles found in stores are made using paraffin and other harmful substances. Such candles are not environmentally friendly, nor suitable for food contact. Beeswax candles are made from 100% natural beeswax, without paraffin or other harmful substances. Therefore, they are perfect for both adult and children's parties. When burning, these candles emit the natural smell of honey and pollen, clean the air and do not cause allergies, so you will be able to enjoy these candles on the cake for a longer time, as well as use them again. Candles on the cake or other desserts can be pinned without any holders.

• Birthday candles give pleasant, natural aroma.
• Made from 100% natural ingredients, without any impurities, making it safe to use for children's and adult’s holidays.
• Suitable for food contact.
• Choose from a variety of different sizes and shapes to make it a perfect for your birthday cake.
• Convenient for a variety of cakes, pies and other desserts.
• Burns with a pleasant and calm flame.
• Compared to other candles, beeswax cake candles burn longer, dripping less or not at all, but leaked wax is not harmful.
• Wide selection of sizes and colors.
• Natural beeswax candles have no expiration date.

Incense and its accessories

The use of incense and its benefits to the body and soul is known for thousands years. They create a cozy, pleasant atmosphere in the home environment. Made of natural materials that is why are perfect for body and soul. In ancient times - in Egypt, Arabia, India there were incense wood, resins, various herbs. Already at that time, people realized the benefits of natural scents to human. Incense is often associated with spiritual traditions, but even our ancestors used incense to clean the home, the environment, recharge positive energy, soothe the soul, and relax. Today, people all over the world use incense for a variety of reasons - for medical, aesthetic purposes, as a tool to neutralize unpleasant odors, as a component of various religious practices.

Incense is still made of natural materials - wood, resin, aromatic herbs, spices and other natural substances found in nature. Favorite incense is used in ritual to create a calm, relaxing and pleasantly scented environment to which it is a pleasure to return. We know what a strong, deep and beneficial effect of incense aroma is, so we offer only the highest quality, natural incense made of high quality materials, without any chemical additives or additional fragrances. Such incense will not only fill your home or any other place with a harmonious scent, but will also create an atmosphere that is mysterious, authentic, full of spirituality and coziness.

The benefits of incense

The aromas of incense can have a positive effect on both the mental and physical body of the human body. However, it is very important to choose incense made from natural materials. Low-quality incense can be composed of carcinogenic substances that emit toxins when burned, which can pose a respiratory diseases. Natural, high-quality incense does not release toxins into the environment but beneficial substances which are completely environmentally friendly.

Natural incense has antibacterial properties. By igniting and burning incense, you can get rid of certain bacteria, germs and maintain a cleaner environment. Incense also have anti-inflammatory components, such as Boswellia extract, which can improve blood circulation. The aroma of incense also reduces anxiety, calms the mind, and is especially suitable after a busy day. They perfectly clean the air, stimulate various nerve connections. Many people choose to burn incense in the workplace or in a bedroom where the quality of relax and sleep is improved.

How to burn incense?

To feel aroma and full delight of incense you need only to ignite it. When the incense ignites, lightly extinguish the flame by inflating it. Then incense begin to glow and emit a pleasant-smelling smoke. The burning time of incense varies according to its shape and type. Typically, an incense stick can incense for 50 to 90 minutes. 

Wide range of incense and its accessories

You will find a wide selection of incense and its accessories in the assortment, so you will be able to choose them for different purposes and needs. In assortment, you will find:

Ladan (or frankincense). It is a special fragrant, 100% natural Boswell wood resin. Ladan is a medicinal product that has a positive effect on the human body and is incense. Ladan has a gentle, spiritual, pleasant and enchanting scent that gives a special aura to the home, soothes the mind, relaxes the body, makes you feel positive. Fill your home with a mysterious aroma that gives you sacredness and serenity.

Incense sets and incense candles - these candles are very convenient to use at home to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, as well as to fill the house with a pleasant smell. Scented incense candles are traditional Orthodox incense made from ladan, natural aromatic oils and birch charcoal. These candles are very popular to delight a loved one. You can choose from different types of sets, candle shapes and aromas.

You will find a high-quality incense in our assortment. Let’s decorate your home giving it an  exclusive accent and enjoy it safely. Find special charcoal for incense, which will help to ignite various types of incense safely and comfortably.

Top quality incense and various accessories online.

Incense burners, sets

The incense burners with exclusive, luxurious design are made for comfortable insert for incense sticks and allow them to burn safely. You will be sure that incense will not fall off, will not ignite or damage the surface, but it is also an exclusive interior detail in the home or anywhere else. You can choose from a wide selection of incense in size and design to suit the interior of your home, work or other place. Incense burners are made of the highest quality materials, which ensures their safe, comfortable and long-lasting use.

Not only can incense become an exclusive detail in your home, but you can also give them to a loved one, along with adding incense sticks of your favorite scent. Incense not only emits a pleasant aroma, but is also good for health, gives harmony, strengthens the personality, cleanses the mind, soul, soothes and relaxes. Incense burners are extremely easy to use, all you have to do is insert the stick of the desired smell and light it. You can put incense sticks of any size in the incense burner. It is a compact and space-saving item, so you can easily move it from one place to another, as well as take it with you on trips, and in ideal weather you can also use incense outdoors. In order for incense to have a positive effect on the body and mind, it is recommended to keep incense in the place where you are, it can be both a bedroom and a kitchen. Keep incense burners on a solid, secure base, table and cabinets are best. Keep incense burners in a spacious place so that incense fumes can spread throughout the space. Clean it after you have used it.

How to choose incense?

All incense in the range is made of high quality materials, therefore it is characterized by durability and quality. It is recommended to choose the fingers in terms of size and design, a wide range will allow you to adapt the fingers to the interior of the environment. Many of the chimes are decorated with various patterns and motifs, which also create an oriental spirit and become an exclusive element of the interior.


Beeswax sheets made from 100% natural beeswax. They are flexible and elastic enough to work with, so you can make candles or any other home decorations or original handicrafts. Due to their flexibility of beeswax sheets, you will be able to make any shape and size of the handicraft.

These beeswax sheets are often used in making natural candles. Such candles fill the house with coziness and flood it with a pleasant, gentle aroma of honey. Candles made of natural waxes have healing properties, are non-toxic, cleanse the air, soothe the mind and provide a pleasant and cozy rest. They burn twice as long as paraffinic ones. A burning candle produces negative ions that purify the air, eliminate bad odors and allergens. So candles and other decorations made from these sheets can be used by people with allergies, asthma, sensitive to odors and other chemicals.

Wide selection of waxes

In the assortment of our store, you will find a wide selection of waxes in different sizes and colors. We offer natural, classic yellow waxes, which you can choose from 500 g to 1 kg. To the ones who is looking for diversity will we offer waxes from bright shades of red, green and pink. A wide selection of wax colors will allow you to match the chosen interior and create candles and other decorations of various shapes and sizes. All waxes, despite the color, have elasticity and flexibility – features, which make convenience to work with them. Just pick the color and enjoy the process of making the desired handicraft. You will find special cotton wicks (knats) for the production of candles in our store. The price of the wax depends on the chosen color, size and weight.


Natural, high-quality candles help to create a cozy, pleasant and harmonious atmosphere. To use candles safe and comfortable we put them in candlesticks, which also become an accent in the interior of the home. In the e-shop you will find a wide range of candlesticks of exclusive design, which will fit your favorite candles and will become an exclusive accent of your space.

Candlesticks allow you to feel surrounded by a pleasant and cozy candlelight at home or anywhere else. The candle placed in the candlestick ensures safety, fills the house with cozy warmth and light, and decorates the interior with exclusive details. Here you will find candlesticks that you can apply both in the living room and in the bedroom, study, or any other place where you want to enjoy the peace and coziness created by candles. You will find candlesticks for long and shorter candles in our store. A wide range will allow you to choose candlesticks according to your taste and the interior of the environment. We invite you to review our candlesticks, which will change any space with a pleasant coziness.

How to choose candlesticks?

You will find a very wide selection of candlesticks according to their material, type and design in our range. When choosing a candlestick, it is worth paying attention to the size of the most commonly used candles, as well as the style, which is also important to match them to the interior of your home or other place. It is also worth considering whether you will use candlesticks every day, or maybe only during the holidays, to decorate the table, to match it with dishes or other decorations. Candlesticks are designed for inserting one candle or a set of candles, for example, from 3 candles. In the assortment you will find candlesticks of exclusive design made of onyx and ceramic, candlesticks of various shapes in which you can safely place candles of various sizes.

Candlesticks can also often be chosen as a gift to surprise a loved one or colleague. In such cases, it is worth considering what style and colors another person likes. To make a full set, you can also add natural beeswax candles to the candlestick, which you can choose from a wide range of sizes and colors. Let’s create a cozy and warm gift that will definitely delight someone space.

Exclusive onyx candlesticks

In our wide range you will also find candlesticks of exclusive design and properties made of onyx. It is an amuletic mineral that promotes the determination and will to act, to focus on the important things and not to stray from the goal. Onyx is considered a stone of protection, a stone of strength that helps to accumulate vital energy, helps to know the truth, to gather, to build self-confidence, to fight for one's beliefs and to concentrate on the important things. Black onyx is the most common, but variegated onyx is very popular in manufacture of candlesticks, because it gives an original and unique accent to the interior of the environment. Candlesticks made of onyx protect the home from negative energy, thoughts, strengthen confidence, it is a symbol of success and achievement, a stone of stability that gives joy and helps to get rid of bad thoughts. Together with candlelight, onyx awakens enthusiasm, strengthens the power of wisdom, determination, endurance, promotes logical thinking, strengthens positive human senses, and invites success to life.

Every candlestick made of onyx stone has its own, unpredictable pattern, which makes each candlestick different and unique. Because of that, you can decorate your home with an absolutely unique product and be sure not to see identical in any other house. That is why, the pattern and colors of the candlestick you received may differ from those shown in the photos.

Order candlesticks online – it is quick and at good prices. Delivery throughout Lithuania and Europe, to a convenient place for you.