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About ladan (frankincense)

Ladan (scented resins)

Ladan, or frankincence, is an aromatic, fragrant resin obtained from trees belonging to the Bosvian tribe, especially incense boswell. This resin is especially popular and widely used in the production of incense, perfumery, aromatherapy perfumes. Ladan has a long prehistory. The story told in Bible is about three kings who traveled to honor the baby Jesus and one of the gifts was a frankincense. The trade of this aromatic resin has been going on for more than 5,000 years. Ladan and mira are widely used in various Christian churches, in the liturgy of Muslims and Jews. However, this resin is more often used in the home environment, where it creates a cozy and special aura-giving effect.

How is ladan extracted?

In ancient times, ladan was known as an effective medicinal plant. The resin is collected when trees are at the age of 5-10 years. Usually it is collected 3 times a year. Ladan is extracted by peeling the bark of the Boswellians, thus allowing the resin to form. The aromatic resin is of the highest quality, natural, and does not contain any impurities and chemicals.

The benefits of Ladan

• Gentle, pleasant and enchanting scent, which gives a special aura to the home, soothes the mind, relaxes the body, makes you feel positive.
• The acids in Boswellian resin have an anti-inflammatory effect.
• Aromatic resin suppresses allergic reactions.
• Ladan is widely used to treat arthritis, strengthen hormones, heal wounds, and create a healthy, comfortable home environment.
• It is used as a supplement in diabetes with high cholesterol.
• An excellent tool for the treatment of respiratory tract, relieves cold symptoms.
• Regular use of ladan improves mood, soothes, acts as a natural antidepressant and provides positivity.

Fill your home with a mysterious aroma that gives you sacredness and serenity. Choose from a wide range of incense resins and enjoy the pleasant aroma and healing effects on the body and mind.