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Candles N140

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  • Candle length 16 cm, diameter 5 mm, burning time 30 min.
  • Made of natural beeswax.
  • Astounding smell of honey and wax.
  • Burns evenly, without smoke.
  • Made following the highest standards of the Orthodox Church.

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NATURAL BEESWAX CANDLES. Choose tapered candles for meditation, romantic occasions or rituals, meditation, prayer, or religious ritual, and add to your home altar. Danilovo thin candle tapers with cotton wick are made from the purest non-toxic beeswax.

FOR A MINDFUL MOMENTS. Lead-free beeswax composition allows these taper candles to burn stunningly cleaner and more evenly than any paraffin candle. Unlike stuffy air from burning paraffin, palm, or soy wax, beeswax candles do not produce soot or drips.

NATURAL HONEY SMELL FOR A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE. Even without any fragrances added, our ritual candles infuse the room with gentle honey scent that helps to create a special atmosphere or a romantic mood, and can give you a truly divine, spiritual experience.

CRAFT YOUR CANDLE. Each beeswax candle can be easily twisted to create unique candle compositions for special events such as Christmas or make crafts with your kids. 

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