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Palo Santo Natural Incense Sticks

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Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) is an intensely aromatic tree native to South America that has a sweet scent with hints of vanilla, mint and citrus. While use, Palo Santo wood sticks release fragrant incense that energizes and aids mind and spirit.

  • The length of one Palo Santo stick is ~ 10 cm.
  • A 50 g package contains 6-7 incense sticks.


  • Hold the Palo Santo over an open flame with the end tilted down at a 45 degree angle.
  • Once lit, allow the wood to burn over an open flame for one minute (relight if necessary).
  • Blow out the flame and let the stick smolder.
  • Due to the special properties of Palo Santo resin, the embers can self-extinguish after just a few minutes. Palo Santo stick can be re-lighted and used many times.

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The name Palo Santo meaning in Spanish is "Sacred Wood". It has been used by both saints and shamans for centuries.

Since Palo Santo emits fragrant incense, which gives energy and helps in spiritual cleansing, it is recommended to use these sticks to improve well-being, relieve stress, and dispel bad feelings. Burn Palo Santo incense before meditating to clear your mind.

Danilov's Palo Santo sticks are sustainably sourced from the dry rainforests of South America, where they are harvested from naturally fallen tree branches or dead trees and never from live trees, which could damage the wood and contribute to deforestation. Due to the natural characteristics and idiosyncrasies of the wood, the size, density, color and intensity of the aroma of the incense bundle will vary. No two trees are alike. They are all wonderfully unique.

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